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In the words of my patients...

" In 1999 conventional practitioners put a label beside my name and stamped it ‘Graves’s Disease’ (hyperthyroidism). The man-made drugs prescribed to deal with my illness produced a variety of unpleasant side effects. The sentence was a life-time of pharmaceutical drugs that would basically maintain my existence, but do nothing to address the emotional or physical issues that go along with Graves. In the minds of the ‘medical professionals’ my situation was hopeless - there were no options.That all turned around however when a friend suggested I contact Natalie Bears. I had no previous exposure to acupuncture but a hasty Google told me needles were involved and this kind of alternative treatment could do amazing things. I never would have guessed though how astonishing the process and results would actually be.During a course of treatments I have learned so much. For example: how diet and lifestyle affect a person’s wellbeing, how maintaining a calm and positive attitude can make each day an experience to be celebrated and all those unpleasant side effects from the drugs, well, they have vanished.Yes, I’ve had my ups and downs over the past four years but with skill and professionalism Natalie continues to deal with each of my challenges as it comes along. Most importantly she has injected hope into an otherwise incorrigible situation.Probably the most valuable lesson I have learned from my experience with acupuncture is that alternative choices do exist and the process is virtually painless. I continue to be blown away by the power of acupuncture to heal everything from sprains and strains, to a sore back, neck, shoulder, headaches and diarrhea to an upset stomach ... Acupuncture has changed my life". HM

"I believe I have told everyone who would listen to me about how my life has changed since first walking through the door at Eastwind Wellness and meeting you! I went with numerous issues, migraines, depression, anxiety, weight issues, and overall mental fatigue! I am very proud to say that it has been one year now since the last time I had to be hospitalized with debilitating migraines!! Wow, after being riddled with them since puberty they are gone, completely gone!! I have seen tremendous improvements with anxiety and depression issues, and am now actively taking care of my weight issues through a healthy diet and exercise! I have also had treatments for high blood pressure, bladder issues (which have prevented me from having to have surgery), and most recently I am receiving treatments for an old neck injury that started causing problems during my workouts! I can not say enough about how my life has changed and improved since seeking out acupuncture as opposed to medicated remedies. Thank you Natalie, you not only helped me with a natural way to improve my health, you have also become a friend and confidante! ..., acupuncture has always been a positive experience for me and I am always promoting others to try it. I enjoy the feeling of feeling so grounded, relaxed and calm. Thank you!" LTS

“For the first time in 20 years I am free of any and all medication and I certainly attribute that to Natalie and her Acupuncture. I was diagnosed years ago with arthritis, fibromyalgia and chronic fatique syndrome.I have never felt better than ever before in my life ... what I love about going to see Natalie is that she listens and not only gives a treatment to me but also works with me in all aspects of my life ... she has helpedchange my life ... ” DM

“I am going through menopause and have wanted to get through this as natural as I could. Since seeing Natalie my hotflashes are gone, I am sleeping better, my digestion is better and I have more energy to do the daily stuff that I need to ... I would highly recommend Acupuncture with someone that knows what they are doing like she does ...” AB

“For years I have suffered with migraines, neck pain and depression because of everything. I started noticing a difference almost immediately after one treatment. I now go to see Natalie once a month because the pain, headaches and depression that I used to deal with are no longer in my life….I think about prevention now thanks to her and know what my triggers are and I love going to my monthly appointment for my ‘tuneup’ as she calls it! ...” DG

"We went to Natalie for assistance with fertility issues after having problems for three years prior. We are thrilled to be expecting after only 4 months of treatment and no need for fertility drugs or other intervention. Thank you Natalie!!! MG

"Acupuncture and Natalie's diet change recommendations have changed my life. I no longer depend on puffers to get through my day. I can enjoy playing hockey without stopping half way through the game and leaving the ice. I dont have the tiredness I do before and I have reduced my Asthma medications more than 80%. I feel stronger, healthier and more able to do want I want to do in my life. Acupuncture is excellent but what Natalie offers beyond just acupuncture is more than any health care person I have ever visited before! She really cares about her patients! " TB

More to be posted soon...

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