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The power of your thoughts

What were your first stream of thoughts and feelings today? Were you being supportive to you or beating yourself up? Were you complaining or worrying or looking forward and expecting wonderful things to happen? By becoming more aware of your thoughts you can slowly begin to change them and thus change your beliefs that you hold. Understanding the power your thoughts hold and more importantly the feeling around your thoughts will assist you in changing every future moment. The power is always in your 'now'. Regretting the past, holding on to what was, worrying about what is yet to come does not serve you in the least. In fact it only creates more negative into your experience. Start NOW, not in an hour or a day. Start creating a better life now. You have the power and only you to make the changes necessary to improve every moment of your day. Are you ready to take back your life?  

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The Power of your thoughts
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