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"If you are depressed you are living in the past. If you are anxious you are living in the future. If you are at peace you are living in the present"
What is Life Coaching?
Life Coaching is motivational, inspiring, positive, exciting and action driven. Life coaching helps you look at where you are now and where you’d like to be, and helps you bridge the gap. By raising awareness and encouraging you to take responsibility for your life, life coaching can help you rise to your own particular challenge and go further than you ever thought possible.
So, is this magic? Does the Life Coach just wave a magic wand and make everything wonderful?  Unfortunately no, and it has to be said, that coaching involves a lot of hard work and commitment. However, if you are ready for change in your life, the benefits can be enormous and you will never look back.
Sounds good so far, but what if you’re unsure if your issues are suitable for coaching? The only way to be really sure is to have an informal chat with a life coach. Have a look at the following statements and see if they apply to you.
*I've had a problem or challenge that's been around for a long time, but I've never managed to sort it out
*I have a pressing issue to resolve but don't know where to start.
*Things are OK for me but could be better.
*I seem to spend all of my life trying to catch up.
*My life seems to be all work and no play.
*I think things would be great if only I had …..a new job, I could lose weight, I could sell my house…………etc. etc.
*I would just like to run my ideas past someone who isn't going to pour cold water over them all the time.
*I feel isolated in my job but find it difficult to talk to colleagues in case they take it as a sign that I've failed.
*I'm hiding relationship problems because I can't share them with family and friends, as this would feel disloyal to my partner.
*I'm in a rut and feel too drained to get out of it.
*I've lost direction with my life and dont know
If you've identified with one or more of these statements, then life coaching will make the difference you're looking for. Start taking control of your life now.
The Benefits of Having a Life Coach
*You get to talk about your problems and challenges with someone who's not going to interrupt you, make judgements about you, criticise what you're saying, or offer opinions based on their own experience.
*If you're feeling negative and lacking in motivation, your coach will help you challenge limiting assumptions and beliefs you may be holding, about the situations you find yourself in, that are stopping you moving forward.
*Life coaching will give you the space, time and the tools to help you think through your challenges and options.
*You can use your life coach as a sounding board for all of your ideas, like your business plan, what to put in a presentation, how to have a successful interview, how to start a new hobby, your new fitness regime; the list is endless.
*If you've lost direction, your coach will help you to focus by setting goals and giving you some highly effective exercises designed to help you identify what you'd like to have, be and do.
*If you've got a nagging doubt about what you're doing in your life or things just don't feel right, but you don't know why, it may be that your not sticking to your values, the things that are most important to you, like achievement, freedom, success, caring for others, peace of mind etc. Your coach will help you discover your true values, and help you work on a plan for fulfilling them.
*And always everything you say will be in total confidence.*
Natalie will offer you suggestions and assist you with making changes, creating personal affirmations, setting goals and giving you tools to follow through. She will help guide you towards the direction you wish to take your life in while giving you means to clear the walls and blockages that
have been holding you back.
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